Sylvania Press Release

Sylvania Press Release

Amazing Smiles Orthodontics has served the people of Swanton, OH for many years, becoming a community favorite for patients of all ages. Founded by Dr. Paul Hwang, Amazing Smiles seeks to provide the members of its community with straighter, healthier teeth to boost their self-esteem and improve their overall health, primarily through the usage of braces and other orthodontic appliances. The firm’s dedication to its clients has made the practice popular enough that eventual expansion was an inevitability. Now, we are proud to announce that Amazing Smiles has opened a second location in Sylvania, OH, one which will provide the same excellent level of care the practice’s patients have come to expect.

This new practice, like the original Swanton branch, will be overseen by Dr. Hwang, who has assembled a team of dedicated dental professionals to aid in his vision. The new branch will carry on Hwang’s commitment to utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and equipment available to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of his patients. In addition, the Sylvania location will maintain Amazing Smiles’ focus on orthodontics, offering many of the same services including:

  • Braces (both traditional metal models and more discreet ceramic applications)
  • Malocclusion Correction (the straightening of poorly-aligned teeth)
  • Overbite Bionators (a device used to correct overbites which can be removed during meals)
  • Thorough Cleanings

These services can (and will) improve your overall health, but they are about more than that. A crooked or damaged smile can lead to embarrassment, with some people choosing to hide their smiles rather than display their flaws. Our orthodontic services can help you to get your confidence back and restore your faith in your smile.

Located close to the Michigan line, the Sylvania location will allow Amazing Smiles to take on a wider range of patients from across both that state and Ohio. Dr. Hwang actually studied at the Ann Arbor School of Dentistry, taking up residence at the University of Michigan, so he has experience treating the people of Michigan as well. In fact, he is fully licensed to practice orthodontics in both states. However, Amazing Smiles was born in Ohio, and for now it will remain within the confines of that state. Still, Dr. Hwang and his team hope that this new location will bring a great many new patients into the Amazing Smiles family, be they adults or teenagers or young children. Amazing Smiles truly is a dental practice for the whole family, and we hope that whether you live in Ohio, Michigan or elsewhere you will stop by soon.

Over the years Amazing Smiles has proven itself as an Ohio institution, earning the praise of patients throughout the state. We hope to continue this trend with our new location, and we invite you to take part in this next stage in our development. We could not have expanded without the support of our many patients and the kind words, reviews and recommendations they have left behind. If you live in or are passing through the Sylvania area, then schedule an appointment today. We promise you will leave with a more beautiful smile, a clean bill of dental health and the confidence that you have received the finest dental care available in the area.